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TVP Games is the modern brand that designs games and puzzles for adults and children to discover the world. Our bold and creative games turn adults and children into global explorers and cultural discoverers. We are building the world’s most diverse community of people who explore the world through play. Business of Play is the newsletter curated by team members at TVP Games. As we design games and build toys, we write about our insights here.

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How we are building a games and toy company that's changing how people discover the world through play. All things gaming, toys, business and design.


Funmi Oyatogun

I create experiences that help people discover the world.

Ufot Ubon

Basically, I illustrate and I design, basically.

June Ebube Madubuike

I play too much, that's how I made it to the winning team.

Fifa Adoglo

I make art that helps you discover the world!

TVP Games

Our games help adults and kids discover the world around us. Home of FILL IN THE BLACK, FILL IN THE MAP and lots more. Learn more about us at tvpgames.com

Esther Ebeh

If TVP Games is a machine, I keep everything well oiled.

Friday Sossa

I am the Operations Assistant at TVP Games

Eugene Adavore

Eugene Adavore is an assistant Product Designer at TVP Games!